Because the CROWD HITTER is picked at the game the day before he/she takes batting practice, he/she has much time and many ways to tell all of his/her family and friends – many of whom will come to the next game to see their friend or family member participate as the CROWD HITTER.

BUDDY PASSES are created and given to the CROWD HITTER to allow his/her ticket buying friends and family to participate in the celebration after he/she takes their CROWD HITTER batting practice. Of course, these people will now communicate to their family and friends about the event thus spreading the word to more potential paying fans who now have a reason to come to the game.

There are currently 334 Baseball Team Websites for both the MLB and the MiLB which are used to provide fans with information about the team, the players, the schedule, and other promotional events. In addition these websites are used to sell tickets and merchandise.

The Event, the CROWD HITTER taking batting practice and the Celebration with his/her friends and family will be filmed and shown on the team website as well as the scoreboard during the game. That in itself will give the website many more hits and potential for increasing ticket and merchandise sales as everyone wants to see themselves or a loved one in action.

Smart phones, internet, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace, and Delicious are all social media outlets that paired with the CROWD HITTER promotional event could begin to generate thousands of new fans as baseball meets and greets the Social Media Revolution.