Empty seats are such a shame at any baseball game
These seats can neither cheer nor jeer
Of course they don’t eat pizza and hot dogs or drink pop or beer

Major League Baseball has thirty teams that play 81 home games which equals 2,430 home games throughout the MLB alone. There are 304 Minor League teams and the season runs from April to September with approximately 16,000 games. The teams are located across the United States plus teams in Canada, Mexico, the Dominican, and Venezuela.

Of the approximately 18,500 games during the season most teams do not sell out their seats. Therefore, these teams are always looking for ways to increase attendance. Increasing attendance for teams that are not winning consistently requires innovative promotions that occur on a regular basis.

Crowd Hitter – Fan Participation

Baseball is a game with no clock which means the game is never over till it’s over. With most major sports such as football, hockey and soccer, where there is a clock, teams with a large lead slow down the action to run out the clock and the game is over before it actually ends. Then the crowd leaves early happy or unhappy. In baseball, no lead is safe and the real fan never gives up and won’t leave because there is always a chance for victory or defeat (We have all seen this countless times). Approximately 150,000,000 people attend professional baseball games each year so they know the truth. So in order to make baseball more fan friendly, I have created Crowd Hitter. It gives a paid member of the crowd an opportunity to be a Crowd Hitter by filling out an entry form to win the right to take batting practice at a professional baseball game. Baseball has the best platform of all sports for fan participation – Batting Practice.

Trying something new is always better than not trying anything at all. If this is tried I know it will work and it will work big!

The entire infrastructure is in place:

  1. the ball park
  2. the fast food locations in the park
  3. the internet and team websites
  4. the fans
  5. media departments

By adding the promotional event Crowd Hitter to selected games during the baseball season the equation is solved. It is great for the home team, great for the fans and great for baseball.