Kiducation Baseball Teaching Math

I was contacted by a 4th Grade Teacher named Cynthia Howe who wanted to let me know how much she enjoyed the Crowd Hitter idea and website, specifically the attendance tracking. In her first message to me via the contact form on my website, she mentioned that she used the data I had been posting to help with teaching her 4th Grade class data management and probability. The class was predicting attendance using the various factors and info that were pulled from

I was ecstatic to hear that a number of young minds were growing and being fed math using baseball stats, especially since they were the baseball stats that I have been posting to the site. So I wrote her back in hopes that I could learn more about this amazing teaching strategy… And within a few days she had replied and let me know that she loved how well baseball statistics worked with teaching kids math. Because as we all know, no other sport keeps track of statistics like baseball does.

Not only did Cynthia send me a reply about how much the kids enjoyed using baseball statistics to learn probability and data management, she also included the work sheets she had created for her 4th Grade Class. So I wanted to share these great worksheets and give all of the Crowd Hitter fans a chance to see how baseball can and should be used to help educate youths.

Below are some of the work sheets that she shared with me, so I could share them with you.


Crowd-Hitter-Baseball-Math-1 Crowd-Hitter-Baseball-Math-2 Crowd-Hitter-Baseball-Math-3