How It Works


Example: The crowd attending a Monday baseball game who are 14 years old and older are eligible to fill out an entry form. This form will include information that can be used in the future by the baseball club for marketing purposes (such as e-mail addresses). In the sixth inning the crowd hitter for the Tuesday game is announced. Besides being chosen as the CROWD HITTER, the winner (he or she) would be given two complimentary tickets to the Tuesday game, as well as a home team cap, baseball shirt, baseball bat and a home team autographed baseball. At the Tuesday game, after the opposing team’s batting practice is finished and before the infield screens are removed, the CROWD HITTER takes ten swings from the batting practice pitcher.

In the Minor Leagues batting practice I discovered it is not always done exactly the same as in the Major Leagues, the time and location may be different each game. Therefore, to solve this problem the CROWD HITTER can take his swings approximately a half hour before the game begins.