Curve Ball and School Days

CURVE BALL – Female Crowd Hitter

Females in a baseball crowd are always the minority. Therefore, to make sure that a female will be picked as Crowd Hitter, certain games can be advertised as female Crowd Hitter only. That shows the females that baseball appreciates their interest and attendance.


From my Blue Jay experience there are a few school and days during the season where schools will bus in their students for the game. Of course I don’t know the working details between the team and the schools. For my idea to pick a Crowd Hitter for the day it would go like this: the team would send each school an entry form to be completed and returned to the team who would then choose the winning school. The winning school would receive entry forms for the students to fill out to be the Crowd Hitter. The school makes the draw and informs the team of the winner well in advance of the game. The team sends the student Crowd Hitter all the baseball prizes – cap, shirt, bat and ball also well in advance of the game. Imagine the student’s excitement when this happens at the school. The same method can be used with summer camps and Large Groups ex. the military.