Crowd Hitter Prologue

Professional Baseball is a big business 30 major league teams, 304 minor league teams with approximately 18,500 games in the season.

But when you’re a kid whether you started playing at 6 years old as I did or older it’s not a business it’s a game.

You want to play and get better and as you grow older the more you play the better you get.

Then your world expands and you and your friends follow a major league team and your home team.

You have a favorite major league player and then you have a dream, which is to be a major leaguer like him.

This scenario never ends for kids.

I have been following baseball for decades and my interest has never decreased, ask anyone who knows me.

So I feel then there must be something magical in baseball and with that magic I have created for the fans, Crowd Hitter.

It’s an opportunity for a lucky baseball member of the crowd to be a pro baseball player for a day by taking batting practice before the game starts

This idea is great for the home team, great for the fans and great for baseball. Everyone wins. Of course the idea has to be accepted by the people who run the business of baseball.


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