Crowd Hitter Prologue

Professional Baseball is a big business 30 major league teams, 304 minor league teams with approximately 18,500 games in the season.

But when you’re a kid whether you started playing at 6 years old as I did or older it’s not a business it’s a game.

You want to play and get better and as you grow older the more you play the better you get.

Then your world expands and you and your friends follow a major league team and your home team.

You have a favorite major league player and then you have a dream, which is to be a major leaguer like him.

This scenario never ends for kids.

I have been following baseball for decades and my interest has never decreased, ask anyone who knows me.

So I feel then there must be something magical in baseball and with that magic I have created for the fans, Crowd Hitter.

It’s an opportunity for a lucky baseball member of the crowd to be a pro baseball player for a day by taking batting practice before the game starts

This idea is great for the home team, great for the fans and great for baseball. Everyone wins. Of course the idea has to be accepted by the people who run the business of baseball.


Evolution of a Logo

Early Logo Concepts

The above document was some of our early logo concepts. Green is a colour that is so rarely used in baseball uniforms and thought it would be a good idea to incorporate it in. Later Logo concepts include the Crowd Hitter name with a person up to bat. Feel free to leave us some feedback as we love hearing from the crowd or drop us a line at

Late Logo Concepts


Day One – Monday 

  1. The team advertised that the Crowd Hitter will be picked at the Monday Game.
  2. Called my two buddies and made arrangements to go to the game.
  3. Bought great seats at the park and got and filled out the Crowd Hitter entry form.
  4. Deposited the entry form.
  5. Before the sixth inning started the draw was made and they called my name and I won!
  6. For me the thrill of a lifetime!
  7. We all took out our smart phones and called and emailed everyone we know and told them the great news.
  8. The camera man filmed us, after the sixth inning it was shown on the center field scoreboard.
  9. The team representative told us to meet her at the souvenir stand after the game to get instructions.
  10. I received the following rewards:

- 2 tickets for the Tuesday game;

- Jay’s team baseball hat;

- Jay’s team baseball shirt;

- Jay’s team autographed bat and ball;

- Four buddy passes.

  1. My friends each received a ticket and a buddy pass for the Tuesday game.  They got the free ticket because on the entry form there is a space to fill out “whom did you come with.” So my friends are also winners.
  2. The buddy passes allow my friends to come near the dugout after my swings to celebrate with me and we all sing “Take me out to the ballgame” as the camera is filming.


Day Two – Tuesday 

  1. I went with my 2 buddies Tuesday morning to the local park and they threw batting practice to me so I would look good when my turn came up tonight.
  2. During the day I was getting calls from friends and relatives wishing me luck and the first four that phone that wanted to buy tickets for the game tonight I promised them Buddy Passes.
  3. All seven of us arrived at the Rogers Centre at 5 p.m.
  4. I was dressed in the Jay’s hat and shirt.
  5. I was led behind the Batting Cage just before the last batter was finished.  The camera started to record the event.
  6. After the batter finished on his way to the dugout he shook my hand and wished me luck.
  7. I went into the batting cage and the batting practice pitcher threw me ten easy pitches and I hit seven of them.
  8. The six friends joined me near the dugout for the celebration and the camera kept recording and it was a memory that will last us all a lifetime.

Become a Crowd Hitter and get a chance to take swings in batting practice

A baseball game is one that has no time limit unlike hockey, football and soccer.  No one can predict which team will win or lose till the end of the game.  It is always more fun to watch a game that has a full crowd to cheer or jeer during the game which adds to the excitement.    There are unsold seats for games during the season for most teams.  This is where Alan Schwartz steps into the picture.  He is an ardent fan of baseball, and wishes to put forward his idea of baseball promotion called Crowd Hitter in order to increase attendance at professional baseball games.


Alan Schwartz wants professional baseball to give baseball fans the opportunity to participate in batting practice.  This gives the fans a chance to take swings from the batting practice pitcher.  Anyone who is fourteen years or older would be eligible to become a Crowd Hitter.  Example:  Those attending the Monday game have to fill an entry form and the winner will be announced in the sixth inning and be the last one to take batting practice for the Tuesday game.  As part of the baseball promotions, the Crowd Hitter will also get two tickets to the Tuesday game, a home team cap, shirt, bat and a home team autographed baseball.


The Crowd Hitter event would be captured by the team website.  The Crowd Hitter event can also be shown between one of the innings on the team’s video score board.


Smart phones, internet, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, StumpleUpon, Digg, and Delicious are all social media outlets that have paired with the Crowd Hitter promotional event.  So along with the baseball news, this promotional event can also be viewed by a number of people.  This can help generate new fans to attend the baseball game and increase attendance.


Go to to learn more about the Crowd Hitter as a promotional event.  The above mentioned website provides more elaborate details on Alan Schwartz’s idea of baseball promotions.