A Man With A Plan


My name is Alan Schwartz, a resident of Toronto and an exuberant fan of baseball, especially the Blue Jays. About ten years ago during a workout session at the gym, I told an idea to my friend Arnie Zipursky. He is the president of CCI Entertainment, a children’s entertainment company. With my knowledge of baseball and Arnie’s expertise in children’s entertainment, Bangs and the Tank – Batterymates was created. Two episodes were made and one, entitled Fielding a Bunt was shown on Fox TV Network Program called In the Zone prior to the Saturday afternoon baseball game of the week. Many years have passed and under Arnie’s guidance, the contents of Bangs and the Tank – Batterymates has been expanded to include more episodes.


Recently I went to a Blue Jay game and arrived very early. I watched the batting practice of the opposing team. I looked at the scoreboard to see who was taking their swings but that information wasn’t shown. I think it should be. Considering this, I came up with a new idea to celebrate batting practice. Baseball has a DESIGNATED HITTER (DH) and a PINCH HITTER (PH). I have created a CROWD HITTER (CH).